5 Easy Updates To Prepare Your Garden For Autumn

5 Easy Updates To Prepare Your Garden For Autumn

As summer reaches its natural close, we begin to look towards the cooler autumn months. With this comes a list of tasks and important updates that can help to ensure that our gardens are in good stead for the season ahead. From tree felling to pruning and general garden maintenance, here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Tree Work And Pruning

When it comes to looking after your garden, ensuring that your trees are well maintained and in good health is essential. It can often be beneficial to hire a professional tree surgeon to visit the site and assess any work that needs doing. If you have woodland areas, they will be able to advise which trees need to be removed and which are safe to remain.

Trimming hedges, bushes and overgrown plants is also a great task to get on top of in time for the change of seasons. It is worth investing in a good selection of equipment that can be stored and used every year.

General Maintenance

Tasks such as mowing the lawn and keeping it at a good length are a great way to ensure that by the time we reach autumn, your garden doesn’t resemble a jungle. Keep your garden free of fallen leaves by regularly raking the area or using a leaf blower. When leaves begin to rot and decompose, they are often slippery and dangerous.

Vegetable Beds

If you are one of the many people who are choosing to grow their own fruit and veg at home, now is the perfect time to begin planning your winter growing season. Pull up any old vegetable plants that have gone to seed and get your soil ready to plant a few last-minute autumn and winter crops. Potatoes, winter garlic, carrots and swede are all good options.

Driveways And Paths

Your driveway is one of the first things that visitors to your home will encounter. Keeping this clean and tidy in preparation for the frost and rain of winter months, will make life easier. You can start with small tasks such as weeding and clearing away any debris. Coating your driveway with a sealant will also offer protection from the harsh winter elements. Taking care of your paths and driveways now could also save you money on future repairs.

Pointing And Damp Proofing

Cold weather brings with it a series of issues and problems for homeowners. One of the main autumnal issues is when your pointing begins to fail. Neglected pointing and brickwork issues are one of the main causes for damp and water damage inside the home. Repointing your house before the wet weather arrives will help you to avoid any major issues. There are many different damp proofing products that can be painted onto the exterior of your building to help protect the rooms inside. If you are employing a builder to assist with these projects, don’t forget to check their references and work history. To avoid becoming the target of scammers, payment should only be made once you are happy with the finished job.

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