Best Streetwear For The Winter

Best Streetwear For The Winter

Even though the weather is milder than normal this year it is still very cold at night, so most people are still buying winter streetwear. This year the designers have come up with some interesting ideas, and have really mixed things up.

Workwear Is In

One of the biggest trends for 2022 has been the move towards workwear style clothes. Most of the major streetwear designers have taken clothes that you would normally expect to see on construction workers, re-designed them and included them in their range.

Just look at Brixton Clothing on 5pointz to see what we mean. You will find utility style vests, work pants, insulated flannel shirts and even overalls mixed in with traditional hoodies and t-shirts. This great looking, warm and practical work-inspired clothing is proving a big hit with streetwear fans.

Low-Key Colours

Perhaps what surprised us most is just how low key the colour palette is this year. Very few streetwear designers have featured bright colours in their look books this winter.

Plain designs also seem to be popular. Logos are smaller, and most items are a single colour. Browns, tans, russets and blues are very prominent.

Really, we should not have been surprised by this. After all, the colour palette in the summer was already limited, with a heavy emphasis on blacks and greys.

Old School Jackets

There is an amazing range of different coats and jackets out there. Each designer has mixed things up. We found everything from baseball jackets to Harringtons and bombers. However, the jacket of 2022is definitely the parka.

More or less every streetwear collection we looked at featured one. In most cases, the design was simplified. Typically, the jacket was less bulky, but you could still recognise them as parkas. Most included the high hand warming pockets, large bottom pockets, a deep hood and a covered front zipper.

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