Keep your Home Safe this Summer

Keep your Home Safe this Summer

Summer Home Security Tips

Summer can be prime time for criminals, thanks to open windows and doors as we enjoy our gardens and the sunny weather and let fresh air in to cool our homes and keep them fresh. We’ll often be in and out of the house more, whether it’s children playing out with friends or enjoying more days out to make the most of the sunshine.

But it doesn’t take long for an opportunistic criminal to strike, it can take just minutes or even seconds for them to reach in and steal valuables such as phones, laptops, wallets or car keys.

In summer, we can also be away from our homes for longer, such as if we go on holiday or off to visit family for a long weekend. Therefore, it is important to know ways you can keep your home safe and secure, so you do not fall victim.

Invest In Secure Doors

It is surprising just how easily burglars can just let themselves in, but if you have a door that doesn’t automatically lock when it shuts, you could be providing an open invitation. Whilst this can be convenient for popping out or to the car or for family and friends to let themselves in – it can put you at risk of letting anybody help themselves to your valuables.

Investing in a secure door, such as smart designer doors, means having peace of mind that your home is protected from intruders. These types of doors come with multiple security features to keep your homes safe such as multiple pressure-resistant hinges, triple glazed laminated glass, ten-point locking systems, hardened stainless steel and picking protection, locking pins and a laser-cut key profile system.

Shut Downstairs Windows When Unoccupied

During hot days or simply when the weather isn’t wet or windy, it can be pleasant to open windows to let fresh air in. However, downstairs windows left open and unoccupied can provide the prime opportunity for somebody to reach or jump in to steal valuables.

If you’re leaving a room unoccupied, be sure to close downstairs windows that are easily accessed from the street. They can be an open invitation. Close upstairs windows when leaving the house if it will be empty while you’re gone. Don’t provide opportunities for criminals.

Pretend You’re Home

If you’re going away on holiday, away for the weekend or out for the day – try not to make it obvious your home empty and unoccupied. Leave a hallway light on, shut curtains or time your radio or voice assistant to play at certain times of the day so it appears your home Improvement . You can even get light simulators to make it appear that the TV is on.

Make Sure Your Insurance Is Up To Date

Finally, make sure your home insurance is up to date and covers theft, so you aren’t left high and dry if you do become a victim of crime. While police will aim to investigate and find your stolen belongings, criminals often sell on items so quick that it can be hard to locate them again.

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