Looking For Macbook Air 13 Inch Case? Try These 10 Macbook Air Cases

Looking For Macbook Air 13 Inch Case? Try These 10 Macbook Air Cases

Dents, dings, and cracks on your 13-inch MacBook Air can be very disappointing, especially if the machine is still new. But today’s technology has provided effective solutions to such problems. Just like there are different cases for mobiles and tablets, there are several kinds of laptop cases available too. These cases work to enhance the machine’s durability, style, and accessibility among other related benefits. Choosing which case best fits your needs from the vast majority could be challenging. Please read on to find 10 such cases that you could try.

Kuzy High-Quality Leatherette Hard Case Series for MacBook Air 13.3

This case is characterized by a smooth leatherette texture that enhances its protection against common scratches and scrapes. It comes with a cut-out design that ensures the Apple logo is visible through the case. It also has a soft-touch finish to increase the pleasure when touched. The case comes with a variety of beautiful colors to choose from. With this MacBook air 13-inch case plus other related machine cases, you can easily access all the plugs and ports. The clip-on/off mechanism also allows for easy fastening and removal.

Lention Dust-Free MacBook Air Case

This is a plain MacBook Air case that comes with different transparency levels based on the chosen color. You won’t have to worry about Apple’s logo since it will be shining through the case as long as the machine is on. It’s made from sturdy plastic to enhance the protection of your MacBook Air from strikes and scratches. It also comes with an easy snap-on mechanism and micro clips that help fasten the case in position. Your machine will be prevented from slipping off a surface by the four rubber feet present at the corners. The cases come with five different color options to choose from and you’ll also enjoy full access to all plugs and ports.

NexCase Heavy Duty

Perhaps you might think that a rugged case may not look good on your 13-inch MacBook Air. But due to its portability, the risks could be significantly high and all-encompassing protection will be very important. This case comes with a heavy-duty layer with beveled edges that keeps it semi-slim. It has shock-absorbing ridges that help protect your machine in case of a fall. It also has a bumper style that doesn’t interfere with the hardware design of your machine to easily access all your ports and plugs.

London Ultra-Thin Shell MacBook Air Case

This is an ultra-thin case with an ordinary clip-on/off mechanism and has two clips both at the top and the bottom parts to allow for convenient fastening. It’s a two-piece case, the top part is covered by one piece and the bottom part is covered by the other. The case has four anti-skid feet to prevent your machine from slipping. It also has drop and shock-proof resistance characteristics. The material used in making the case is mainly durable plastic with a rubber finish. You also won’t have to worry about the machine’s ventilation when on because the bottom case is vented. All the ports and plugs are also easily accessible.

BRAECNstock Full Protection MacBook Air Case

This is an ultra-thin hard case that has two hard heavy-duty bumpers for maximum protection of your machine against mishaps like shocks, dropping, or bending. It’s made from hybrid hard polycarbonate and flexible thermoplastic polyurethane. You’ll be able to enjoy better viewing angles without straining your neck when using this case since it comes with a foldable kickstand. Proper air circulation will also be a guarantee when your MacBook Air is on a flat surface because of the kickstands. You can easily access all the plugs and ports due to their significant cutouts. It also has a professional snap-on design to enhance the processes of fastening and removal.

Unik Case Rubberized Hard Shell MacBook Air Case

This case is well known for its strong polycarbonate body with a coating made from rubber. These features enhance your machine’s durability and provide maximum protection from factors like scratches, scrapes, dirt, and spills. The top panel of the case has a triangular galore gradient Ombre design for added style. You’ll still be able to clearly view the Apple logo when the case is fastened. Full access to all the ports and plugs will not be a problem. And you’ll get to choose from three color choices – red & white, green & pink, and purple & light blue.

iBenzer Soft-Touch Series

This case is characterized by a sturdy, lightweight plastic that protects your machine against scrapes and scratches. The case comes with a matching keyboard protector depending on the case’s color scheme that you’ll choose. The designers understand how good it is when you don’t cover Apple’s iconic and have offered different clear and semi-transparent covers to choose from. Therefore, you can still show off your MacBook as you’d wish.

Mosiso Hard Case Combo

Protecting your MacBook Air machine on all sides can be a very convenient and effective way of enhancing its safety. And this is what the Mosiso offers – a hard case for both the body and the lid, a keyboard protector, and a screen protector. Polycarbonate is the main material used for maximum protection against scrapes, scratches, and minor spills. The bottom features have slots to provide proper ventilation when in use to prevent overheating. You won’t need to remove the case to access any of the ports and plugs, they’re all exposed.

Icasso Precise Cutout MacBook Air Case

This is a lightweight case also with a two-piece design, one for the top part and the other covering the bottom part. The bottom part is vented to ensure efficient air circulation hence preventing the machine from overheating. It also has a clip-on/off mechanism to ease the fastening and removal processes. Your MacBook air will be prevented from skidding when placed on a surface due to the presence of four rubber feet. Plus, all the ports and plugs are accessible.

KEC Lightweight MacBook Air Case

This MacBook Air case is a hard-shell case with a rubber oil plain coating that not only protects the machine from falls, scratches, dirt, smudges, and fingerprints but also provides a smooth exterior rubberized texture to the outer surface of your MacBook Air. It has separate top and bottom panels for ease of fastening and removal with a cut-out design for plugs and ports. Ventilation is enhanced through the availability of multiple vents at the bottom panel features. The case also has rubber feet to ensure the machine doesn’t skid when on a mounting surface. You’ll have 14 different patterns to choose from.


With the dozens of MacBook Air cases in the market today, choosing the right product for your machine can be very challenging. You can easily get confused. These 10 cases will guide you to find the best option to protect your machine from common mishaps such as dings, scratches, slipping, and bending. Their design characteristics will also help you make an informed decision on the case you’d prefer. Good luck!

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