Roles and Responsibilities of Technical Architects

With the increase in technical complexities, most organisations are realising the need for technical architects. The role of an architect varies widely from an organisation to another. Thus, the responsibilities of a technical architect are not so clear. However, most of these IT professionals perform few major functions in every organisation.

The technical architect is responsible for providing software solution to project or other system application. The usually specify the logical structure and software behaviour. They focus on providing quality services by maintaining proper system infrastructure.

The jobs of technical architect can be divided into three broad categories enterprise architect, system architect and application architect. All of these roles are significant from organisation’s perspective. Roles and responsibilities of each type of technical architect are different from the other.

Enterprise architects focus on connectivity between several applications at the organisational level. These professionals have to be proactive and strategic. They have to provide guidance to many project architects who are connected with the project.

Basic responsibilities of enterprise architects

•         Design architectural models for existing and proposed system for internal use as well as for other technological requirements

•        Responsible for translating business requirements into technical language

•        Responsible for integration in technical application

•        Define the IT design methodology

•        Establishes design repository and

•        Review designs across organisation

•        Identify the evolving technology and take steps likewise

Application architects are concerned with a single software application. These architects formulate designs that match with the overall standards and strategies of an organisation.

Primary responsibilities of application architect

•        Responsible for defining frameworks, component types and interfaces of different applications

•        Define and provide ownership for reusable application code

•        Identify the overall priority so that the other architects do not face any problems

•        Select technology for application

System architects deal with structural layout of hardware, software and network configuration in a company. It is major platform in any organisation. System architecture has multiple applications in an organisation. The job responsibilities of system architects are also vast.

Some basic duties of system architects are

•        Focusing on the standards and technologies for better system performances and superior quality

•        Supporting application architects to select application framework

•        Analyse and choose organisation’s server hardware, job control and operating system

•        Evaluate the quality issues

•        Monitors performance as per benchmark set by Transaction Processing Council

•        Begins the process to monitor the performance of existing system

Finding a technical architect job

It is difficult to find technical architect IT jobs if you are a fresher. Advance degree and skills can make your position better I the job market. However, it will be much effective if you seek help from a recruitment agency while searching suitable job.

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