Small Businesses Compete Successfully Using Digital Tools

Small Businesses Compete Successfully Using Digital Tools

Companies these days must pursue every tactical advantage to attract and retain customers and clients. On the internet, even small businesses must now compete with global corporate giants for the attention and engagement of consumers. Careful and informed development of their digital presence can move even the tiniest of shops to the top of the search engine ranking list.

A successful website will use words and phrases that create Search Engine Optimization (SEO) signals. Search engines comb through internet servers looking for data (signals) that respond to consumer enquiries. Websites constructed with many signals tend to be discovered earlier in the search, so they are ranked higher than sites with fewer signals. A good website host choice at the beginning will reduce frustration and cost over time.

Choose A Host That Knows The Web

The value of a website hosting service is that they often have already created user-friendly tools and services. To launch a website, business owners need only enter their relevant data into predesigned forms and formats. These hosting services offer hundreds of website features for businesses to choose from, including multiple domain names, email collection and marketing tools, data storage and computing services, to name a very few. If you are planning to have a SEO friendly website (or several websites), you should consider choosing cheap SEO hosting services, which doesn’t necessarily mean lower quality service, either as the SEO hosting industry is quite competitive. Small businesses should be able to find one that offers all the tools they need at a price within their budget.

Find And Use Relevant Tools


The complexity of hosting services directly relates to the needs of the customer-business. Websites tailored with appropriate tools can manage any or all of the following processes:

  • Productivity

Tracking the bottom line also means monitoring employees, transportation, inventory and sales. Website programs can also create reports and analyse data for future strategic planning.

  • Finances

Sales, receipts, invoicing and revenue collections are the lifeblood of every company. Digital tools can track costs along all lines of business from manufacturing to final installation.

  • Marketing

Marketing plans created online can track activities over time to determine relative success. Additional programming can be added to branch into social media to share information and attract customers. Email options create customer lists that track preferences and send notices of special sales and events.

  • Customer Service

According to Google, improved customer service is the primary goal for most websites. A site that quickly and easily takes online visitors to the products and services they are seeking will be revisited time and time again. Customers can also leave valuable comments, which can inform innovations and future developments.

Add Bonuses To Existing Products And Services

The digital site is more than just a virtual store shelf. Yes, it can display images and details for products, and facilitate the financial and shipping transactions as well. But it can also host videos on product usage, safety considerations or additional options. How-to videos are often a key SEO signal when consumers are searching for tools or techniques. Often sellers of these types of goods are also experts at using them so including that aspect in the customers experience is another opportunity to develop and retain loyalty.

Make It Mobile

As much as 50% of online business these days is conducted from mobile devices. These devices use a different technology than a desktop website, so digital formatting must be altered to adapt to their unique configuration. Businesses that are serious about putting customer service first will ensure that all their data is accessible regardless of the technology used.

Clever use of digital tools and technology can increase sales, improve service and support long term success.

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