Tips For Loft Bedroom Design

Tips For Loft Bedroom Design

It always amazes me how much space is wasted in the average home. Often I see friends and family struggling with space as the children get older, things get fractious. Teenagers who have happily shared a bedroom with their siblings yearn for their own space. Somewhere they can express themselves and really relax.

Often the space is there. In most houses, the loft space is only used for storage, meaning that a whole floor is effectively wasted, but that is changing. Loft conversions in London and other cities, where house prices are soaring, have become very popular. This has opened people’s eyes to the possibilities and many others are now converting their loft space, but some are still daunted by decorating such an unusual space, which inspired me to write this piece.

The idea is to give you some pointers to help you to get past any doubts or fears you have and let the floodgates open.

Use All Of The Space

First you need to realise that the fact the ceiling is low in places does not stop you from using the floor space under those low ceilings. The room is far bigger than you think you just need to be a bit more creative about how you use the space.

In the low ceiling areas, you can place furniture like a chest of drawers, tables and TVs. You can even use this type of space for a work desk. The fact that you are going to be sitting down means that you can actually use the space. You just have to be careful about how you stand up.

You can usually fit a sofa under the eaves. Loft rooms make for great bedrooms because they have plenty of floor space.

Keep It Light

One of the nicest things about loft space is the beautiful natural light. It is truly wonderful, and I always think that you should decorate a loft space using a light colour pallet. This enhances the natural light, and lets you appreciate it more.

Good Floor Coverings

With loft spaces, noise can be an issue. Noise travels through the floor, which is not a big issue with normal bedrooms because they are normally located above living rooms and kitchens. The noise of someone in a bedroom is not really an issue because the noise of the TV and appliances overlays the sounds from the bedroom.

Loft rooms are located above other bedrooms, so noise travels easily through the floors. For this reason it is important to lay thick carpets in these rooms or at the very least to use good rugs.

Install Good Blinds

For most people privacy is not a problem in a loft space. In most places, windows are not overlooked, but it is still important to install good blinds in these rooms. The light is beautiful, but can be very bright in the morning. If you are using your loft space as a bedroom, you will need good blinds unless you like being awake at dawn.

Decorating a loft space is not really different. There are just a few extra things you need to bear in mind.

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